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I'm a student of Arts. I enjoy reading warm and touching stories. But not only. My fav color is blue. I love animals.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl - What makes the book so popular

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looking for some great books - anyone can help ??

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

I love the book and the movie. This romance story was perfect for a big screen. Spark's characters are so realistic and full of emotions which can be easily imagined and portrayed on the screen. 

Dance upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy)

Dance Upon The Air  - Nora Roberts

A great book, its far more than a pale love story. It has a mystery, a suspense, twists and turns and it's fast paced. The concept is grate- Roberts nicely combines the story, legend from the past about three sisters -witches, who lived on the very island on which the main character Nell comes. Nell is frightened and unhappy women, she escapes her own past. Then she finds her new home on the Three Sisters island, all new encountered people are warm, friendly and nice to her. She finally feels secure, loved and free. Unfortunately, her past is still after her, Nell is not safe any more. But Nell discovers that she has some extraordinary powers, witch-like magic. Due to those powers she can change not only her life. A book to read, definitely.

Persuasion - Jane Austen Emma - Jane Austen Mansfield Park - Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen) - Jane Austen

Jane Austen - author of many books, talents and emotions. Her books are one of my favorites.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks

The drifting with the letter could have ended anywhere, but Theresa, a columnist from newspaper finds it during seaside walk. And the letter hits her, both in head and heart.. She decides to find out a man who wrote so beautiful letter to her lost wife, and she falls in love with the author without even seeing him. When they meet the relationship develops, it has its ups and downs, it's very emotional.The story is amazing and quite unique. But it' s not only love story, it is a way of getting to know man's emotions, deep and real and the story of not easy feelings. It makes all readers believe in true and big love and it is not one love that is waiting for us. A great romance and one of the most beautifully written books.

"He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two."

Victor Hugo from Les Miserables

Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks Loved it! I admire Spark's style and ideas. Books sound so reliable and true. And this one was a real fast reader, i couldn't put it down.

The Lucky One

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks I love Spark and this book definitely wasn't a disappointment :) It's warm with interesting plot and characters. The story is told in such a manner that I couldn't put it down. Very nice read.

I Heard That Song Before

I Heard That Song Before - Mary Higgins Clark I really enjoyed this book. The author is one of my favorite. I like her style, the way she creates book plot and characters construction. I highly recommend books wrote by her and those wrote with her daughter! That's a really great team :)

The Notebook

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks An excellent story of love-lost-and-found-again, the concept isn't new as its about love triangle and dilemma- who she's gonna be with? This is really nice sweet and tender love story but consisting of two perspectives- the past and the present one. The course of love is never smooth, it's the same in Spark's book, and a reader is immediately captivated into the story. The book really touched my heart :) it was really moving and engaging. And if you want to read it you need to find a quite, private place as your tears will pour down for sure.

Princess Diana

Diana: 1961-1997 Her True Story - Andrew Morton

Nothing new really, telling the truth I was disappointed. Well, it is reader-friendly, it has nice pictures and easy-to-read construction. But it doesn't give any new perspective or more comprehensive insight into what, why and how happened. All of the things and facts written in this book are know for years. It seems that Princess Diana is a kind-of-lucrative-theme-to-write-a-book-about. It's true that it's we'll written for younger adults but I don't think that it is worth to lose your time on this very book. Just omit it and pick another one.