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I'm a student of Arts. I enjoy reading warm and touching stories. But not only. My fav color is blue. I love animals.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks

The drifting with the letter could have ended anywhere, but Theresa, a columnist from newspaper finds it during seaside walk. And the letter hits her, both in head and heart.. She decides to find out a man who wrote so beautiful letter to her lost wife, and she falls in love with the author without even seeing him. When they meet the relationship develops, it has its ups and downs, it's very emotional.The story is amazing and quite unique. But it' s not only love story, it is a way of getting to know man's emotions, deep and real and the story of not easy feelings. It makes all readers believe in true and big love and it is not one love that is waiting for us. A great romance and one of the most beautifully written books.